Filter adapter X520

Filter adapter X520 is used to connect absorbers X701 A1, X702 A1E1 and X703 ABEK1, X505 A2 with particulate filters X2000-OV P3 R, X2000-AG P3 R, X793 P3 R, X793C P3 R, T-BM P2 R, T-BM A P2 R, T-BM P3 R, T-BM A P3 R.

Restrictions and storage
Store in the original packaging together with the instructions, without any purification elements attached, at a temperature from -20°C to +30°C and humidity RH<80%. Protect from direct sunlight.

Package dimensions: 215/100/115mm
Number of fasteners per pack: 20 pcs.
Dimensions of master carton: 520/235/255mm
Number of overlays in a collective carton: 200 pcs.

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