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PORTAMIX Mega Hippo 1500W Motor - 110V


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Portamix Mega Hippo is ideal for mixing and spreading all kinds of pourable construction materials on site including, screeds and grouts, sealants and adhesives, acrylics and resins and plasters and colours. It's wheeled base allows you to easily deliver your mix to the required location and pour directly to the surface.


• Easy to operate with just one person
• Mixes, delivers and spreads material quickly with excellent control
• Handles wide range of construction compounds
• Reduces time, effort and labour costs
• Thorough mixing, blending and placement without mess
• Dust extraction port to allow vacuum connection to reduce dust hazard while mixing
• Easy to clean out

Bowl capacity: 6x20kg mix plus water (85l/160kg)
Mixing Paddle: TW225 half mix Helix & TW225D large dual Helix
Motor: 1800W 2-speed, RCD protected
Tilting Cradle: Balanced for easy operations
Weight: 51kg
Rimless Canister, Liner, 110v x 1800w Motor

When renting this mixer, cleaning charges of €120 will apply if returned uncleaned.