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RM65 Forced Action Rotamixer

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-Rotary tub mixer
-Robust forced action mixers
-Stainless steel paddles
-Twin paddles for thorough mix action
-Radial & axial mix, turns & lifts material
-Paddles are adjustable
-Easy clean & low maintenance
-Produced in the UK
The RM65 mixer is a robust forced action tub mixer designed for those materials that can't be successfully mixed in a conventional free-fall cement mixer. The rotating drum produces a centrifugal mix and the technically designed paddles generate a radial and axial mix action. The machine is easy to clean and maintain, and replacement mixing tubs are economically priced
The machine includes a redesigned stainless steel L shaped side paddle and a rotary claw paddle which mixes right up to the tub sides and base
It is a compact forced action mixer for up to two bags of repair or fibre filled mortar, grout, epoxy, screed, floor coatings, cements, tile adhesives and special plasters