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Adjustable Screed box

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The KAM Screed Box is used for efficient, fast track application and spreading of cementitious bound or resin-based mortars. The use of KAM’s Screed box will speed up application to provide a quality flooring finish of consistent level. The inboard mounted rear wheels reduce runner friction drag during use. The correct operation of KAM’s Screed box will result in a smooth floor overlay to the desired thickness true to line and level. To achieve this, set the adjustable screeding plate to deliver material to the specified thickness. The sled is then positioned for the application run and the ballast cavity weighted. Pre-mixed screeding mortar is dispensed into the material hopper and the sled is then simply pulled along whilst mortar is being spread at 600mm wide and at a given thickness as an overlay directly onto the prepared substrate.

KAM Screed Box Features

  • Replaceable runners
  • Inboard rear wheels
  • Ballast cavity above screeding plate
  • Adjustable screeding plate for applications 0-30mm thick