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Dust collector SocketDuster 68-82


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Clean drilling
Drilling of concrete or brick walls for outlet holes is accompanied by a large amount of dust. 
To remove dust in TM Mechanic has already been proposed dust collector DrillDUSTER 82. Now there is another solution – SocketDUSTER 68-82. The dust collector is mounted on the shank of the drill bit. The removal of dust takes place from the holes at the end of the drill bit.
In this version of the dust collector, the roughness and unevenness of the surface do not matter. Additionally, the airflow pumped through the drill bit body allows effective cooling of the diamond segments and increases the service life of the drill bit.
The SocketDUSTER dust collector accessory attachment is an excellent solution for clean, efficient drilling for affordable money.
The accessory attachment can be installed on drill bits with a diameter from 68 mm to 82 mm. The rubber seal allows connecting the nozzle to vacuum cleaners of any model.