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Impacts Streamer S125E Handheld Shot Blaster

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The STREAMER S125E from IMPACTS is a small, handheld machine, which can be used for multiple vertical and horizontal applications. It works on single phase 230V, A.C. The compact and very robust machine is easy to handle and can be used on small areas, that are difficult to reach. For vertical application it is recommended to use the machine together with a balancer. The STREAMER S125E has been specially developed to shotblast small to medium horizontal and vertical areas on concrete, asphalt and steel. Main applications: small rooms, walk ways, pedestrian areas, basements, stairs etc.

• Closed circuit, dust free (When connected to suitable dust collector).
• Universal: can be connected to any dust collector and electrical plug (240V).
• Small and compact.
• Can work on very small difficult to access surfaces.
• Easy to transport and handle.
• Very simple to use.
• Great for creating stencils/designs on concrete or granite floors.
• For vertical and horizontal surfaces, especially confined areas, (balconies, stairs…)

Blasting power 1,35 kW
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz, 16 A
Working Width 125 mm
Blasting capacity Up to 15 m²/h on concrete
L x B x H in mm 500 × 170 × 350
Weight 11 kg