T-BM A P3 R Filters layer of active carbon (1pair)


T-BM A P2 R filters, after being assembled with two-filters half mask or full face mask with a suitable bayonet fitting (3M™ style), protect the respiratory system against particulate aerosols (dusts, fumes) or water-based aerosols (fogs), if the concentration of the dispersed phase of the aerosol does not exceed 10 x OEL in the case of completing with halfmask and does not exceed 16,5 x OEL in the case of completing with full face mask.
The filter additionally protects against fetors and unpleasant odours as well as irritating effects of aerosols and vapours of organic substances. This enables the use of protective equipment equipped with T-BM A P2 R filters in an atmosphere contaminated with organic substances, provided that their concentration does not exceed the OEL value.

Filters can be used, for example, with the following half-masks and masks:
- 6000 series half-mask,
- 3M™ 7500 series half-mask,
- full face masks 3M™ 6000 series
- other half masks and full face masks with a bayonet fitting type 3M™

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