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Ultralit Fix Standard Rapid Repair Polymer Product 2pack

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Ultralit Fix Standard is a specially formulated polymer rapid repair product. In its basic low viscosity formulation, Ultralit Fix Standard may be used in a variety of unique applications to repair concrete substrates. It is designed for use in both interior and exterior concrete repair and parging situations. Can be used in patching applications: holes, divots, pop outs and re-nosing of joints. Dry aggregate needs to be mixed into Ultralit Fix Standard (“A” and “B” already mixed 1:1) or at a 3 to 1 ratio (aggregate to Ultralit Fix Standard), but not more than 4 to 1. 0,6-0,85 mm aggregate is ideal size.
Ultra low viscosity in neat configuration will penetrate concrete for permanent bond.
Cures in 30 minutes for quick open to traffic.
Can cure in -34°C. Cure time will be extended at lower temperatures.
Mixed with industrial quartz sand will make a durable polymer concrete.
May be mixed with silica flour, fumed silica, and cabosil.
Self-leveling in thinner viscosities.
Minimal surface preparation required.
Good chemical resistance.
May be bulk mixed for large area repairs.