Wolff Floor Scraper Turbo2 self propelled


The Turbo-Stripper is the proven solution for easy removal of all types of glued floor coverings. Designed for high performance and ease of use, this machine is indispensable for professionals in the flooring industry.
Powerful performance: Equipped with a robust 2,600 watt motor with starting current limitation, the Turbo-Stripper offers constant, powerful performance. Even with stubbornly bonded floor coverings and parquet, it leaves competitor products far behind. See the difference for yourself.
Increased mobility: The drive system includes a hand clutch that offers precision and safety during operation. The Turbo-Stripper ensures optimum control and user safety thanks to its restart protection.
Easy transport: Convenient transport and easy handling are facilitated by removable weights and a detachable handle, making the Turbo both portable and mobile.
Innovative technology: A modern touch is the USB port in the switch housing, which makes it easy to charge devices or use electronic tools directly on the machine.
Fast and powerful: Increase your productivity with a machine that is designed to remove large amounts of flooring in a short time. Without compromising on quality or safety.
User-friendly: Its user-centred design ensures easy operation, reduces fatigue and increases comfort during long jobs.
Versatile applications: Whether for residential renovations or large commercial projects, the Turbo-Stripper is your reliable tool for the safe removal of bonded flooring and hardwood flooring.

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8,870.00 €

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