X7 Silicone Half Mask (bayonet)


Ergonomic shape
Reusable two-filter respirator of the X7 series for use with two purifying elements. The X7 half mask has two bayonet connectors. Provides respiratory protection against a wide range of gases, vapours and dust. The fitted, ergonomic shape ensures optimal vision. The respirator is compatible with PPE for eye protection. The X7 series respirators are available in sizes S, M and L.

Compiles with EN 140

Comfortable and super durable
The X7 series respirator is characterised by high resistance and strength. Evenly distributed weight on the user's face provides comfort and tight adhesion, so the respirator perfectly maintains its position while performing various activities. The respirator allows for easy access and quick inspection of the breathing membrane by removing the cover of the exhalation component.

The X7 half mask can be used with filters T-BM P2 R, T-BM A P2 R, T-BM P3 R, T-BM A P3 R, X2000-AG P3 R, capsule filters X793 P3 R, X793C AP3 R, filter absorbers X701 A1, X702 A1E1, X703 ABEK1 and X70523 A2P3 R D, X70923 A1E1 P3 R D, X70926 ABEK1 P3 R D.

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