Image of Delfin XTRACTOR 75 AF Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Dust
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Delfin XTRACTOR 75 AF Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Dust

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The industrial vacuum cleaners of the Xtractor range are ideal for the suction of fine dust which in normal working conditions can clog the filter, reducing the suction performances. The Xtractor 75 vacuum cleaner equips a powerful side channel turbine capable of guaranteeing extremely high suction performance, without the need for maintenance. The motor is protected by high-surface and efficient filter cartridges (class M with PTFE coating, optional additional HEPA filter) which are cleaned automatically and timed by a counter-current air filter cleaning system, allowing the operator to aspirate in a continuous cycle. The Endless Bag safe collection system allows you to adjust the weight and length of the bag according to your needs, totally preventing contact between the fine powder and the operator.

• Integrated automatic filter cleaning system
• Adjustable height to facilitate transport on vehicles
• Easy to connect to surface treatment machinery
• Suitable for continuous use
• System of springs allows to reduce the height of the aspirator of 25cm

Voltage: 400 - 50 3~V - Hz
Power: 7,5kW
Max water lift: 4.000 mmH₂O
Max air flow: 700m³/h
Suction inlet: 80mm
Noise level: 76 (EN ISO 3744) dB(A)
Surface - Diameter: 80.000 cm²-mm
Material - Efficiency: Polyester - M PTFE IEC 60335-2-69
Cleaning system: Automatic PN
Capacity: Longopac 20mt
Dimensions: 78cmx127cmx178cm (h)
Weight: 215kg